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Schedule & Pricing


2:00 pm Basic Class
3:00 pm Little Dragons
3:30 pm Intermediate & Advanced Class
6:00 pm Basic Class
7:00 pm Intermediate Class
8:00 pm Advanced & Black Belt Class
5:30 pm Little Dragons
6:00 pm Basic / Intermediate Class
7:00 pm Team Cornerstone Practice
8:00 pm Advanced & Black Belt Class
6:30 pm Team Cornerstone Practice
7:30 pm Adult Class

Explanation of classes
Little Dragons: For students ages 4 5
Basic: For students ages 6 and up; White, Yellow, Orange & Orange/green belts
Intermediate: For students ages 6 and up; Green, Green/blue, Blue & Blue/red belts
Advanced: For students ages 6 and up; Red belts
Black Belt: For students holding the rank of black belt
Adults: For students ages 18 and up; all ranks

New Student Registration - $45 (includes uniform, t-shirt & AAU membership)

Monthly Fees
$50 for one student
$80 for two students
$110 for three students
$140 for four students
$170 for five students

Colored Belt Test Fee

Purchase of equipment is required at various belt levels. Complete information available upon request.

A Note about Financial Assistance
The Academy has a limited amount of funds available for financial assistance. Requests will be reviewed by the Chief Instructor and the Chief Financial Officer. The funds will be allocated according to the level of need of the family making the request. If the full amount requested is not available, an alternative may be offered to the family.